How Much It Can Cost To Hire Out Your Facebook Ads


Want to hire someone to run your Facebook ads? I don’t want you to get caught off guard when you’re talking to a perspective ad consultant and they give you their price. (That’s a great way to end up spending more than you can afford!)

In today’s video (and in the transcript below it), I’m sharing:

  1. the range of what it could cost you to outsource your ads
  2. WHY those numbers need to be as high as they are
  3. and the different fee structures you might encounter

I would LOVE to hear what you think when you hear those numbers, so let me know in the comments whether you think those prices are reasonable or not!

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Transcript: How Much it Can Cost to Hire Out Your Facebook Ads

Hey guys, Claire Pelletreau here from I am a Facebook ad consultant and teacher and recently I have been talking all about hiring out your Facebook ads; getting somebody else to come in and take this puppy on. Because I know how complicated Facebook ads can be. And, a lot of my students, even though they are happy to have learned how to run their ads, they just don’t wanna be doing it for themselves. I’ve finally come to realize that that’s true and that’s okay, if that’s you that’s fine.

I’ve already given you 3 questions you can ask yourself to help you figure out whether or not you should be hiring out Facebook ads and then I shared the experience of what it’s actually like to work with a Facebook ad consultant. But today, it’s about the money which is one of my favorite conversations.

Now I do wanna give you a little bit of a heads up: some people, a lot of people actually, they tend to be blown away when they hear these prices. There’s sticker shock when it comes to hiring out someone to do your Facebook ads. Today we’re gonna talk about what those prices are, and also why they are so expensive, as well as get into some details about the different fee structures that people have.

But first and foremost let’s just talk about how much this could cost you. It can really range from $500 or $750 for like one project up to $5000 a month. And yes that range is real and it can totally change. It can change based on three factors, usually: 1) the experience of the ad consultant, 2) the complexity of your project, and 3) how much money you stand to make from those ads. So this is why Facebook ads can be really expensive. It’s because a lot of times the revenue generated by a client, by yourself, can come directly from the work that’s involved with the Facebook ads. So that’s directly on the shoulders of your ad consultant. There’s no other contractor that your going to hire who can really clearly say, I did this work and then here is the ROI from it. This is how much money you made. Your blogger or your designer, none of that is tied in so clearly as the reports that Facebook can give you. So that is a lot of pressure but it’s also a lot of amazing work that a Facebook ad consultant can do for you. And that’s why a lot of consultants charge a pretty penny in order for you to work with them.

I have no comments about how much is too much, I do have problems with how little some people are charging. But, sometimes people are charging less in order to get more experience, to get the case studies, to get more referrals and that might be what you’re looking for. Or, if you want somebody who has experience in your niche who can show you, “Look, this is exactly what I’ve done for a similar client and here were the results that we had.” Then, you’re probably going to want to pay more.

Let’s talk for a second about different fee structures. There are really three that I’ve seen. One is a project based fee, a flat fee and that could be for a short project or a long one.

Then there’s one that’s very common for people who are doing retainer work for bigger ad spends and that is the flat fee plus a percentage of ad spend. Not everybody likes this because they’re afraid that the consultant is going to recommend that you spend more because that means they get paid more. And that’s just something that you need to grapple with. That’s how the agency that I work with charges. Because that protects the person. If you’re somebody who spends four of five thousand dollars a month most months on your ads and then a couple times a year you amp that up to $20 $30 $50,000, well that’s a lot more work for the ad consultant. So that percentage is really just in place to protect the ad consultant who is going to be doing a lot more work and should be compensated. So that’s why that percentage is in place.

Finally, this third one is this kind of performance based but that’s not very common. You get a certain cut of the results. Most people do not operate that way and I don’t really recommend that you operate that way, unless you have some clear history of getting consistent results and then it’s just up to the ad consultant to improve those and then they’re incentivized. If that’s your particular situation then that might work out for you.

But I did want to give you a sense of what those prices are, why they’re so high and then the difference in fee structures. Again, each fee structure works for a different kind of client. The most important thing, though, is that your ad consultant knows what they’re doing. And very soon I’m gonna be coming out with a really simple mini course on how to figure out if your ad consultant knows what to do. It’s a matter of waiting to hear certain things from them and then if you don’t hear them what you should ask to try to prompt those certain things. But I’m going to be giving you more details about that soon.

But before that I’m gonna be sharing one more video which talks about the hardest part about hiring a great Facebook ad consultant. And it’s not actually about where you should go to look for them! So keep an eye out for that video.

Again, if you got something out of this video, if you found it insightful I would love it if you would share it with somebody who you know has been thinking about hiring out their Facebook ads. Thank you so much for watching! I will see you again soon.