Why You Shouldn’t Hire a Facebook Ads Consultant

When it comes to running Facebook ads, you have 2 options:

➡ pay $1000-$4000 for an “expert” to run your ads, or

➡ learn to do it yourself.

Let’s do a little math to see what kind of an ROI you can expect from both of these options:

1. You pay someone to run your ads for you.

Let’s say you find a nice, semi-experienced Facebook ads consultant to run your ads. They only charge you $1500 for the entire launch. (This is basically the LEAST you’re going to pay for someone who actually knows what they’re doing . . . at least they say they do.)

  • Cost to outsource ads: $1,500
  • Investment in ads: $1,000
  • Price of your course: $500
  • Average cost per new subscriber from ads: $2.00 (This is in an ideal world, but lots of people pay way more.)
  • New leads from FB ads: 500
  • % of FB ad leads who buy your course: 1%
  • Revenue from FB ad leads: $2,500
  • Your profit after paying for the ads: $1,500
  • Your profit after paying your ad consultant: $0


Let’s change things around, imagining that you’re running your OWN ads.

  • Investment in ads: $1,000
  • Price of your course: $500
  • Average cost per new subscriber from ads: $3 (because hey, it took you a little longer to nail down your most successful audience + creative + landing page, etc.)
  • New leads from FB ads: 333
  • % of FB ad leads who buy your course: 1%
  • Revenue from FB ad leads: $1,666.67
  • Your profit after paying for the ads: $666.67

See? You actually make a profit on your campaign! But . . . you might think: “why would I burden myself with such a huge task just to make $666.67?”

Because return-on-investment can’t be measured in just ONE launch (or one month of an evergreen funnel).

Let’s say you go to relaunch again in 6 months. You’ve learned a TON about what worked and what didn’t in your previous launch, and you’ve improved everything about the sales funnel, from the opt-in to the promo emails to the testimonials on your sales page.

Here come the numbers again:

  • Investment in ads this time: $2,000
  • Price of your course: $500 <–but it’s probably time to raise the price, don’t you think?
  • Average cost per new subscriber from ads: $2 <– maybe your leads are even cheaper!
  • New leads from FB ads: 500
  • % of FB ad leads who buy your course: 2% <– damn, you doubled your conversion rate!
  • Revenue from FB ad leads: $10,000
  • Your profit after paying for the ads: $8,000

See how much more money you can make from the same investment in ads? I am dead certain that the second time around, it’ll take you way less time to put together and monitor your ads. All you need to do is modify your best performing ads from the first round, do a little duplicating magic in the Ads Manager, and voila! Facebook ads are so. much. simpler this time around.

There are things in MY business that I dream about permanently outsourcing. (Writing sales copy, for example.) I fully intend to have a dedicated copywriter on my team one day, so I can focus on other things that I don’t completely DREAD.

But here’s the thing: if that copywriter flakes on me, calls out sick, or suddenly stops being effective, I won’t be left in the lurch. I’ll be able to SEE if the quality of her work is starting to go down. I’ll be able to pick up the slack in the case of an emergency and still write DECENT enough sales copy.

Ever read something like this? “I hired someone to run my ads, and it was a BUST. Complete waste of money.”

I see people posting about this in Facebook groups all. the. time. And I always wonder: does this person know WHY the ads didn’t work? Did the consultant not know what they were doing? Or were there problems with the offer/the copy/the audience/the tracking?

Most hugely successful business owners will tell you that, at the very least, you need to have a BASIC KNOWLEDGE of Facebook ads when you eventually outsource it. That way you can evaluate that person’s work and not blindly trust them when they say things are going great.

Unless you’re consistently launching $2,000 products in your business, the economics of outsourcing Facebook ads don’t usually add up in your favor. That’s because you have to spend money on your ads *and* the person running them. The cost of the consultant cuts DEEP into your profits (not to mention all the other things you’re spending money on in hopes of having a successful launch).

I’d much rather see you spend your money on a copywriter for your sales page or a marketing strategist to help you plan out your launch, instead of blowing it on an ad consultant who’s probably going to implement the exact strategy I teach in Absolute FB Ads.

Right now you can grab my course and start to train yourself in the the art + science of Facebook ads that convert. I don’t even like to think of it as a course – it’s a Facebook ad manual that you go to when you need help. It’s a Support Group where you go to get REAL answers, quickly. There’s no way to “fall behind” in this course – you get exactly WHAT you need from it, WHEN you need it.

Here’s a reminder of what you get inside Absolute FB Ads:

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Your Investment: $997!

Join us today and save your ad consultant money for the actual ads you’re going to run. I can’t wait to help your campaigns be as profitable as humanly possible!

See you inside our Support Group. ????

– Claire

P.S. You can only really expect a serious ROI from hiring a FB ad consultant if you’re a) selling $2000+ courses or programs, and/or b) spending $10,000+ on your ads.

If that’s not where you’re at yet, save your money for a copywriter who can help you improve your sales conversion rate and learn to run your own ads!

No, they aren’t going to be perfect the first time, but each time you do it you’ll get better and better. This is a skill you NEED to have to stay in the black in your business. Come learn it with me – I won’t let you down. (That’s what my 30-day money back guarantee is in place for.)

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