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If you’re just diving into the world of Facebook ads, then you’ve come to the right place! This blog is dedicated almost entirely to explaining Facebook ads for beginners: the ins, outs and potential pitfalls.

To make things simple for you, I’ve collected all the must-read posts in one place.

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First Things First: How to Set Up Your Facebook Pixel

Before you do anything else, you need to put a little code on the backend of your site(s). It’s ridiculously easy, but you MUST do it right this second. Instructions are right here:

✔ How to Install the Facebook Pixel: WordPress Sites [Step-by-Step Instructions]

✔ How to Install the Facebook Pixel: Squarespace Sites [Step-by-Step Guide]

✔ How to Install the Facebook Pixel: Leadpages Pages [Step-by-Step Guide]

(If you don’t use the drag-and-drop Leadpages interface, use these instructions – jump straight down to the section on setting up conversion tracking on Leadpages.)

“What Kind of Facebook Ad Should I Run?”

Great question. I recommend a list building ad or a “content awareness” ad. “Content awareness” is just my fancy term for ads that drive traffic to your blog or video posts – anything that doesn’t require my email address to consume it. You can get more info on the types of ads here:

✔ Let’s Break It Down Now: A Clear Look at Each Type of Facebook Ad and How to Use Them

To learn more about why and how to run ads to your blog posts, check this out:

✔ 5 Reasons to Promote Your Blog Posts with Facebook Ads (Plus How Much to Spend Each Month)

And if you want to see the 5 ads I run for all of my clients who sell courses, programs, masterminds or Done-For-You services, check out:

✔ The 5-Part Ad Formula that Sells Online Courses on Autopilot

Facebook Ads for Beginners: Don’t Mess Up Your Target Audience

This platform isn’t like Google: no one is looking for your blog post or webinar on Facebook. That means your ad has to stand out and get in front of the right people. So you need to master a few things if you want to get good results: the target audience and the creative. Choosing the right target audience can be REALLY difficult, so I’ve got lots of resources for you on the topic:

✔ The Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting

✔ Facebook Ads and Your Fans: When to Target Them, When to Exclude Them, and When to Go After Their Friends

✔ Facebook Ads Not Working? Try This One Tweak First.

Still struggling to find the right “interests” to include in your audience? Check out these posts:

✔ How to Use Facebook Audience Insights to Uncover a Targeting Gold Mine for Your Ads

✔ One Super-Secret Way to Find Audience Targeting Ideas for Facebook Ads

 CASE STUDY: Patience + Specific Targets = A Winning Equation for E-commerce Facebook Ads

How to Create a Facebook Ad that Stops People in Their Facebook-Scrolling Tracks

Targeting is important, yes, but the ad those people actually see matters just as much. Don’t just throw any ol’ thing up and hope it’ll distract people from all those cat videos! Instead, take just a little time to learn about creating compelling ads:

✔ How to Write Facebook Ad Copy that Gets Clicks

 How to Create Facebook Ad Images When You’re a Terrible Designer

✔ Facebook Ad Case Study: the Surprising Lesson from a Boosted Post

Reading the Results of Your Campaign (and What to Do to Improve Them)

The data that Facebook gives you on your campaigns is fascinating, but only if you know what you’re looking at! Sometimes it seems (and it’s probably true) that they’re showing you unimportant metrics to try to get you to spend more. Don’t waste money just because you think your ads are doing well. Instead, learn how to understand your results with this post:

 14 Facebook Ad Metrics that Actually Matter (and 4 You Should Just Ignore)

Not happy with those numbers? Try this out:

 “Why Aren’t My Facebook Ads Working?” How to Fix a Failed Campaign

To learn more about some of the hidden metrics you should definitely be looking at, read this:

 Audience Network Placement: The Sneaky New Facebook Ad Update That’ll Suck Your Wallet Dry

Getting More Advanced: How to Run Retargeting Ads

You know those ads that follow you around the Internet because you checked out a product on Amazon? Those are called retargeting ads, and they’re becoming more important for your Facebook ad strategy by the minute. For an overview of the basics, make sure you read this:

✔ How to Target Facebook Ads: Gently Stalk People with Website Custom Audiences

And to get a bit more into the strategy of how to use retargeting ads, check out:

✔ The Problem With Webinar Ads 

✔ 5 Reasons to Promote Your Blog Posts with Facebook Ads (Plus How Much to Spend Each Month)

How to Run Campaigns that Sell Products or Services

At the end of the day, you’re using Facebook ads to eventually make money. I’ll be honest: selling to people who have never heard of you with Facebook ads is almost impossible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create campaigns to sell your products or services. It usually boils down to who you’re targeting. Check out these resources and one brilliant case study:

✔ Custom Audiences: How I Used Facebook Ads to Bring In More Last Minute Sales

✔ How to Target Facebook Ads: Gently Stalk People with Website Custom Audiences

✔ CASE STUDY: Patience + Specific Targets = A Winning Equation for E-commerce Facebook Ads

More Case Studies to Get Your Strategy Wheels Spinning

Every time I hear the details of a successful Facebook ad campaign, I get inspired to try something new with my own ads. Check out these case studies for inspiration and insight:

✔ How I Used Blog Content + Facebook Ads to Generate Cheap, High-Quality Leads for a Health & Wellness Coach (with Just $10 per Day)

✔ How an Advertising ‘FAIL’ Can Actually Turn Into a ‘WIN’

✔ Facebook Ad Case Study: the Surprising Lesson from a Boosted Post

✔ Patience + Specific Targets = A Winning Equation for E-commerce Facebook Ads

Get Your Campaign Up and Running Today

As you can see, there’s a LOT to learn in order to run successful Facebook ads. On top of all the how-to stuff, the fact that everyone and their mother is turning to this platform means it’s harder (and more expensive) to reach the right people.

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