Eman Zabi: Racist D-Bags and Questionable GIFs (GPP88)

Eman Zabi started a copywriting business in the upstairs bedroom of her parents’ house in Qatar. Now the founder and copywriter behind The Scribesmith, Eman and her team work with entrepreneurs launching courses and membership platforms.  

Eventually, she realized that her love of research meant that her skills were best suited to the launch space. With a background in neuromarketing, international politics, and economics, Eman and her team take a strong research-driven approach to create copy that maximizes ROI, or as they like to say, gets clients an air-punching bottom line. 

Eman now lives in Vancouver with her cat (Scribesmith’s Chief Officer of Cuddles), traveling every other month, drinking copious amounts of tea, and complaining about how it doesn’t rain enough.

This week on the Get Paid Podcast Eman joins us to chat about investing in mentorship and building relationships, and what being a young, brown, Muslim woman in business can sometimes feel like. 

“I think there's so much noise in our industry and there's nothing I would hate more than to be adding to it. So, until I have something that’s different and can make an impact, I don’t see the point in creating a course.” — Eman ZabiClick To Tweet

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast

  • When time-based retainers are a bad idea (and when they’re great) [4:18]
  • Eman’s origin story  [8:35]
  • Why Eman invested in mentorship from the get-go [16:24]
  • Why having a unique name pays off (Eman and Claire’s meet cute) [19:40]
  • Milking the climb up Kilimanjaro [21:21]
  • Showing up and doing the work to build relationships [22:49]
  • Why Eman was nervous about having a personal brand [34:29]
  • Being Muslim and a business owner [46:46]
  • Moving to Canada for the squirrels [50:53]
  • A crash course in immigrating to Canada [51:28]
  • Building a small team [57:28]
  • Having systems in place before shit hits the fan [1:02:28] 

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