5 Months After Relaunching the Podcast: An Update (GPP72)

And that’s a wrap! In the final episode of the season, we’re talking about some of the highlights of Season 4 (looking at you Brooke Castillo), how I restructured my Ad Consultant Incubator and what that meant for the launch, expanding my team, and what you can expect in the next season of the Get Paid Podcast.

“I started paying people to do more shit for me. So while I might not be making back the exact investment every single month, it's time and space for me to start thinking bigger.” - Claire PelletreauClick To Tweet

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • What’s happened in my business since I relaunched the podcast [3:05]
  • Dealing with depression while running a business  [7:40]
  • The most downloaded episode of the Get Paid Podcast [9:11]
  • Restructuring the Ad Consultant Incubator [12:05]
  • What didn’t work well from the launch [20:11]
  • Why I put an application in (despite it reducing conversion) [22:19]
  • Getting other people to do shit for me [24:08]
  • Where are they now? [28:24]
  • How you can get on the Get Paid Podcast [30:26]
  • Running Ads for your podcast [31:34]

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