Val Geisler: Selling Out a $5K Program by Getting Specific AF (GPP58)

Val Geisler is a game-changer in the email marketing world. She is an email marketing conversion copywriter and strategist who brings massive value to her clients’ businesses with her background in content development, digital strategy, and customer experience. With over a decade of experience working with 7-figure companies, non-profit organizations, and startups, Val has bridged the gap between customers and conversions that enabled her to work with renowned companies such as Beacon, AccessAlly, Women In Digital, and ConvertKit.

“I’m not saying everyone should specialize in email, unless you care about it. But specializing has opened up so many opportunities for me that wouldn’t otherwise exist.” - Val GeislerClick To Tweet

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Why Val “left” her business in 2016 to work full-time with a small company and why she eventually decided to quit her full-time job to continue building her business.
  • The difference between horizontal and vertical specialization.
  • Why Val added a vertical specialization element to her business to help clients with onboarding and retention.
  • What customer churn is and what your goal as a business should be concerning your churn.
  • The steps she took to build her brand and name in email onboarding in less than a year.
  • Val’s current rates, expenses, and the services she offers.
  • Why she always starts with an ‘email marketing audit’ when working with new clients, and how she vets them ahead of time.
  • How Val validated and then sold out her brand new offer, the Email Marketing Masters Incubator program, in the span of just two months.
  • What gave her the confidence to charge higher prices and the ability to sell out a $5k program.
  • Val’s projected total revenue for 2019.

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