Pivoting, Rebranding, and “Leaving” Your Business (GPP29)


Have you ever taken the time to think about how your business has evolved over the years? What changes have you made within your business and why did you decide to make those changes? Today, Val and I talk about Business Evolution, what it is, and if there’s a right and wrong reason to evolve or rebrand your business.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • What does “business evolution” mean?
  • What is “rebranding?”
  • Is there a difference between rebranding and redesigning your business?
  • Is there a difference between redesigning and pivoting your business?
  • Why does business evolution even matter?
  • Is there a “bad” reason to rebrand your business?
  • Can a business whose revenue mostly comes from one-on-one work pivot or rebrand themselves to stop offering one-on-one services?

Mentioned In This Episode:

The TL;DR of the show:

  • Nothing is permanent.
  • Evolution is a part of life and business.
  • Don’t redesign your business just to avoid doing the work.
  • Be open to evolution and what can come your way when you are just doing the work.
  • Acknowledge what happens when you’re on the evolutionary path.

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