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Cindy Wagman: Turning $2k in Ads Into $27k in Sales (GPP 277)

Cindy Wagman helps experienced non-profit fundraisers create a business model to achieve six-figures and enjoy a lot more autonomy.

Before joining Get Paid Marketing, Cindy was doing pretty well with her nonprofit consulting programs, but her marketing game was a bit hit-or-miss. She knew her stuff but needed a tighter strategy and clearer messaging to really make her launches pop and consistently reach more people.

Her lead generation and sales copy got a major upgrade and her results speak for themselves.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Cindy’s journey working nonprofits to running a successful nonprofit consulting business
  • What went into turning a $2,007 ad spend into $27,000 in sales
  • Aiming for 10 enrollments but ending up with 18
  • An inside look at Cindy’s key offerings, “Fractional Fundraising” and “Impact and Profit”
  • How she pays her salary + bonuses (including the big pay raise she was able to give herself this year)
  • Cindy’s personal evolution and how strategic business decisions post-GPM are paving the way for sustained growth and less stress
  • The emotional and practical upsides of joining GPM, giving us the lowdown on what’s worked, what’s changed, and where she’s headed next

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