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Build a $50K Funnel to Convert Cold Leads onAutopilot

Without Depleting Every Ounce of Your Energy

$20,000 a Month With an Evergreen Funnel!

"We were all in and we now have a funnel. It's bringing in $20,000 a month without me having to do anything, right? I can say people come in and I wake up to new sales. That whole sort of dream that's talked about in the online space."

 - Kathryn Morrison, Business Coach at Kathryn Morrison Coaching

Are you ready to create a funnel that makes you $100k, $300k...and beyond?

What if you knew you could seamlessly generate $100k, $300k, or more? It's not just a fantasy—it's the promise of building a $50k funnel. 
Let me take you behind the scenes of many unseen online business stories.
Some course creators I’ve worked with stumbled into their first six-figures without a clear lead generation plan, relying on a mix of good timing, a bit of luck, and a whole lot of hustle. 
Yet, in the same arena, there are seasoned entrepreneurs with top-notch offers who still grapple with an uphill battle to consistently reach their revenue goals. 
At some point, most online businesses with a group program or high-ticket offer need one thing to sustain or propel their growth: An optimized sales funnel that works. 
Imagine a world where your sales funnel is finely-tuned, consistently delivering five-figure paydays.
With a $50k funnel, you're not just in business; you're in business on your terms.

Without exhausting mega-launches that drain your resources.

Cautiously Skeptical About Evergreen...

"I'm so THRILLED so far with with our Evergreen Results!!

I'll be honest, after a tough couple of years with our old EV webinar, I was cautiously skeptical. But so far we've enrolled 7 new clients, $850 ad spend, $4500 booked revenue... which is just under a 4 ROAS!

And we are getting 2.4% conversion rates this week which is higher than we've been getting in our past few launches. I'm amazed..."


- Allison, Backpacking Coach

Make Money on Demand

Now, let's address a glaring shortcoming in the traditional evergreen model, a challenge encountered by many online businesses today.

It often confines you to a single revenue strategy. If it doesn’t align with your unique business, you're left trying to force a fit that may never be quite right.

Moreover, if a platform you’re relying on makes changes, your entire funnel could be at risk.

In Get Paid Marketing, it’s about a comprehensive approach.

  1. A spectrum of Facebook ad strategies to amplify lead generation.
  2. Small live launches that result in swift cash injections for your business.
  3. A meticulously tested funnel refined through these launches, resulting in a more optimized evergreen funnel.
  4. A hell of a lot more excitement from your growing email list.

In other words, your programs and message are on the radar of both incoming cold leads and the warmer leads already in your orbit.

So, when they face a problem you're equipped to solve, your program is the immediate solution they consider.

With a $50K funnel, you're not left agonizing over a single underperforming funnel. You'll have a diverse array of strategies at your fingertips.

$85K in Group Coaching Reveue

"I've done $85,000 just in the coaching program, which is really cool! That means, since the start of the year, I've reached over a hundred thousand dollars in my coaching business.

GPM has saved me tremendously. If I had gone with another ad agency and spent $3,500 a month,  I would've been spending over $40,000 a year and not getting my current results. It has has been a huge return on my investment."

 - Christa Gurka, Founder of christagurka.com

31% Revenue Increase on Sales of Digital Offers

Just from writing that welcome sequence and working on actually talking about and selling my products in emails, I increased my sales 31%. My course revenues increased 36% from learning these live launching techniques and just being able to sell better with the sales page being optimized.  My sales page conversion rate went from 1% to 6.5% on my evergreen cold traffic funnel just from the work that we did.

 - Amy Fedele, Founder of Pretty Purple Door

This is exactly what you get when you join the Get Paid Marketing program.

During this year of intentional 1:1 consulting and group coaching, we’ll:

1. Get really up close and personal with every aspect of your business, including your messaging, marketing, and long-term vision. 

2. Precisely identify the most compelling points of your messaging and exactly how you can optimize the copy on all your key assets

3. Ride along with you as you build your own evergreen webinar funnel for one main offer, then launch ads to drive leads and sales.

4. Keep a close eye on your ads and results with you and continue to advise you on where to go from there. 

Potentially Saving $30K-$60K Every Single Year

Our goal for you is a consistent stream of cold leads that convert to customers.

Leads Conversion = Messaging Strategy + Customized Facebook Ad Strategies + Optimized Funnel (Live Tested) + Stat Tracking for Strategic Action

The real savings come from what you won’t have to invest to make all of this a reality.

We deliver expert copywriting, strategic messaging, and unwavering Facebook ad support.

Before considering an outside agency or hiring someone new at a $50k/year price point, you'll have six months to fine-tune your approach. This way, you'll have a much clearer understanding of what you're getting into.

Speaking of agencies...

I've been in the FB ad game for a long time, starting in the golden era of inexpensive leads. Managing the accounts of 7-8 figure businesses, being an ad manager back then, I felt like a freakin’ superhero. 

Only we could crack the secret code to run ad accounts and rake in profits during big launches.

Handing over your strategy made sense back then. But does it still make sense for everyone?

Truthfully, ads have become a lot simpler.

Bringing in an agency can mean shelling out $3k - $5k per month just for the retainer.

However, what an agency will (and won't) handle varies widely. In the end, you, the client, still bear a significant workload.

Due to their long roster of clients and attempts to keep costs low, the possibility of errors is much higher.

I've witnessed the repercussions of these errors, from setting up an ad incorrectly, continuing to bill my client, only to discover there were no conversions or ROI due to a minor oversight.

This highlights the risk of letting someone else entirely manage your lead generation without a clear understanding of their methods.

Here is your path inside Get Paid Marketing:

Launch Your $50k Funnel Journey: Learn the art of launching low-budget podcast or lead magnet ads, putting you on the path to creating a high-converting $50k funnel. We’ll have your back and help make sure everything is set up and running correctly. 

Message Mastery for More Conversions: Collaborate with our Messaging and Copy Coach on strategies to amplify your messaging throughout your funnel, ensuring it captivates even colder audiences. Get direct support with a 1:1 messaging call + weekly critiques.

Webinar Topic Optimization: With our "What & Why Framework," you'll uncover the desires of your newer leads and craft an optimized webinar around their interests. Gain insights into structuring, recording, and refining your webinar for maximum impact.

Advanced Testing, Tracking, and Optimization: You’ll start off on the right track with our customizable tracking spreadsheet so you know exactly where your leads come from and where they convert to customers. 

Transition to Evergreen Success: Elevate your webinar into a polished, automated $50k funnel after thorough testing and optimization. Watch your message reach your audience 24/7, creating a continuous stream of engagement and conversions.

Leveraging Your Existing Audience: Inject real cash and valuable content into your business by launching your evergreen webinar to your existing email list. Re-engage with your current audience while offering them valuable content.

Scale with Targeted Ads: Expand your reach by running targeted ads that drive traffic to your evergreen webinar. Attract a broader audience and unlock the potential for new customers to enter your funnel.

Make informed, data-driven decisions to  to refine your marketing strategy for ongoing success. Get Paid Marketing uniquely combines the benefits of coaching with tailored consulting, providing high-level entrepreneurs like you with direct help, peer support, accountability, and hands-on expertise in copy, messaging, and ad strategy.








"I got off the GPM call we just had, I called my bestie, and I said, 'Why am I looking for another coach when I have Claire Pells?' I was like, 'Claire Pells does everything.

She has all this experience, she knows ads, she knows funnels, she’s a woman. She has all of this, everything I'm looking for, it's right in front of me'.”

- Dielle Charon, creator of Five Figure Freedom and Six Figure Liberation

In GPM, our goal is to empower you to confidently manage your marketing in-house, or to know precisely what to look for when you outsource.




Set up and maintain ads with little oversight, higher risk of errors and high costs.

1:1 ad support and access  to Claire's proven strategies, continuous support, and ad monitoring assistance.

Ad Strategy

Use the GPM tracking spreadsheet to monitor every aspect of your funnel, enabling precise testing and actionable insights with our direct help.

Testing & Data Tracking

Tracking & testing run within their own system, less transparency

Receive hands-on copy feedback and assistance for all your assets following a comprehensive review, including a personalized 1:1 messaging session.

Copywriting Support

Most people write their own copy after seeing what their agency proposes.

1:1 time with Claire and her coaches as well as weekly group calls for individualized support.

Real-Time Support


Content Strategy

Weekly review of your assets for a tailored strategy.


Access to the complete GPM Training, including Claire's most up-to-date ad trainings & the in-depth $50k funnel framework.

Access to Training


Receive expert evaluation to refine your messaging and target your audience with precision.

Optimized Messaging


"The help with the copy was absolutely insane, super specific and just so mind blowing and amazing.

After messaging support with Sarah Lucille, I tested my new masterclass and we created a fucking fire ass sales page. Like that is the best sales page that I have ever had in my entire life; every word was exactly what people were thinking and feeling and we just got so much more specific."

- Dorothy Johnson, Creator of the How to Get Over Your Ex in 3 Months program

If this is calling to you so far, make sure to get your application in ASAP. 

All clients who enroll in the first 48 hours will get an Early Enrollment 1:1 Call with Claire.


"Who's a good fit for Get Paid Marketing?

This program is not for everyone! Why? Because not everyone is ready for an evergreen funnel.

You should apply for GPM if . . .

The offer you'll build your evergreen funnel around

has sold consistently in the past yearYou know that when you host a webinar or launch, you're going to make money.

You've launched your scalable offer (like a group

or course) at least 2 times . . .

Or if you sell 1:1 coaching, you're ready to go evergreen if you've made at least $50K in the past 12 months.

What You Need to Know:

Who Get Paid Marketing is NOT for:

  • If you’re still trying to figure out what to sell...
  • If you’re looking for your first few clients...
  • If it feels like nothing you've tried is really working...
  • If you’re still figuring out what you want to do... 
  • If you primarily offer 1:1 coaching or done-for-you services...

I wish you amazing luck with your business, but I would hold off on applying. 

Get Paid Marketing was MADE for you if...

  • You already have a scalable offer that sells. 
  • You've already crossed the 6-figure mark (or are close to it).
  • You have a number of clients and customers who LOVE working with you. They are constantly singing your praises!
  • You know your current target market well, even if it may change a little over time.
  • You are at the “how can I grow?” phase and looking to implement a marketing strategy that matches the lifestyle you want to lead!

Implement a lead generation strategy that lives up a longer-term vision for your business

You’ve done what most are still trying to figure out in their online businesses:

✅ You've created a niche group program that fills a much-needed gap.

✅ You've proven it sells and delivers results.

✅ And you’ve figured out a few ways to get your program in front of new people. 

It's time to scale from playing catch up and hustling to fill one cohort to a refined marketing strategy made to convert over and over again.

That means...

1. An effective lead generation strategy that matches the kind of energy YOU love bringing to your launches (evergreen and live) 


2. A fine-tuned funnel of content that is set up to convert those new leads into brand new members of your main offer. 

A 400% ROI and $36K in 10 Weeks

"I paid $15k to join GPM and I'm set to make $50k from just this program. That's amazing! I put $3k into ads and made $12k in return.

I'm getting over 400 leads a month, spending just $30 CAD a day. Getting $1.67 per lead. Three of those leads became clients immediately, totally cold. And those other leads are on my list, getting my weekly emails."

 - Mel Savage, Executive Leadership Coach

Podcast Downloads Up 500% + 1500 new leads

"I will tell you, my email list, it was like abysmal numbers when I first joined GPM…after my podcast ad now I'm at 1500 people on my list. That was because of a strategy that I learned in GPM that has gotten a ton of downloads of content that I already had…That completely changed how people get on my list. So before I would have maybe like one or two people every couple of days. And now it is not uncommon to have 15 to 20 people on my list every single day, and it's all coming from my list because I run ads for that quiz."

- Laura Eigel, Ph.D., The Catch Group

From Earning $131 as a Hobbyist to a $200K/Year Business

"From October 31st, 2022 to this year, I've done $200,000 CAD in revenue... which is so incredible life-changing.

I've spent $6,300 in Facebook ads... and I've generated 4,000 leads... The workshop has brought in just over $10,000, so that's made $4,000 and brought 4,000 people onto my email list for free. Just the confidence that I know how this skill is going to help me with my business for years to come, and so just having that in my back pocket for when I need it is just really great to have."

- Sue McLeod, Founder of Sue McLeod Ceramics

Get Expert Eyes on Your Business.

Instead of copying what worked for someone else, we aim to help you scale with YOUR business and desired lifestyle in mind. 

This is a great fit if…

  1. You want your business to thrive independently, not relying solely on your constant attention and presence to operate effectively
  2. You want the confidence to fill your group program or high-ticket offers without the stress of pulling off massive live launches that drain your (and your team's) energy and resources
  3. You want direct guidance and help with your strategy, copy, and ads without having to hire 4 different people or agencies. 

It's Like Having a CMO on Your Team

(without the cost)

Through a combination of coaching and consulting, GPM is where you: 

  • Get your leads coming in on autopilot
  • Attract cold leads and warm them up quickly
  • Grow your podcast listenership and email list with bare minimum promotion
  • Optimize your content to build trust with your new and existing leads
  • Implement an evergreen funnel that means longer term, sustainable leads

GPM means access to the resources + accountability system to get it created quickly and implemented in no time.

Plus, we’ll make sure you set up our tracking system so you’re not leaving $$ on the table and know exactly what to amplify, boost, and set aside. 

In case we haven't met before . . .

Hey! I’m Claire Pelletreau, the go-to Facebook and Instagram ads expert for top seven and eight-figure online businesses. I’m a confessed conversion junkie and love getting elbow deep into some marketing strategy to exponentially increase your ROI. 

My promise to you: I only work with businesses I know I can help to succeed.

I simplify the complex world of online marketing for those who are serious about growth and willing to invest time, trust and $$ in their overall strategy. I do that through a complex process of data gathering, analysis, strategy, and experimentation.

Let us geek out on strategy so that you can get to doing the work you do best.

Why People Keep Renewing (and Why You’ll Want to Claim Your Spot ASAP)

The potential to keep going and growing is endless! 

Building up and scaling your business brings on a lot of moving parts and even more questions:

  • What do I need to do to improve my current marketing funnel?
  • Is my copy any good anymore? 
  • What should I even be doing on social media at this point?
  • How can I run ads without purging all my $$ away?
  • Do I need more assets? Another program or smaller priced offer?
  • What are the best ways I can increase sales right now without burning out?
  • When is evergreen marketing going to finally work for me?
  • Can I reach my dream revenue, or should I be aiming lower?
  • Do I need more team members? And who will train them??
  • I’ve done pretty well in business so far, but I’m feeling the heat now. Can someone else take the wheel for a while??

And when you answer one question, it can unleash a flood of new problems to solve and steps to figure out how to take. 

​​The only way to actually answer your marketing questions is to truly look at your individual business model and determine what could work for you.

You get the expertise of someone who has been the go-to Facebook Ad and marketing strategist for some of the top online entrepreneurs. That means knowing online marketing inside and out, up and down. On top of that, you get time with my Messaging and Copy Consultant!

Get personalized solutions to your BIGGEST launch and marketing questions answered before you publish your next ad campaign or implement another organic tactic. Leave with a strategy and a plan you can implement! 

So, imagine having somewhere to go every single week with every one of these questions and more. 

Even better, you get 1:1 messaging, copy and ad consulting. 

You receive two custom Loom videos per week on your main assets. 

And you have more than one person keeping an eye on your ads and making sure you’re tracking all the right things. 

We keep our cohorts small because we actually work closely with each and every one of you. So if you’re scaling sales this year and want us as part of your marketing team…

Enroll in Get Paid Marketing and Get Access To...

$50k Funnel Set Up: Get 1:1 and group coaching support to create every aspect of your evergreen funnel including testing topics with ads, webinar framework, copy support, and personalized feedback on your delivery. ($20k Value)

Paid Traffic Strategy: Complete access to Claire's proven Facebook ad strategies and resources, plus how to make them work for your business, including implementing Absolute FB Ads and the GPM curriculum. ($10k Value)

1:1 Copywriting and Messaging Support: Receive personalized direction and feedback on your sales page and email copy to captivate your audience and boost conversions. ($15k Value)

Tracking & Testing: Make data-driven decisions using the GPM tracking system alongside direct support from our coaches who help keep an eye on your funnel. ($3k Value)

TOTAL VALUE: $48,000




Total: $16,200



Save $1,200


Questions that may have come up for you:

I'm ready to give you my money. Can I just enroll right now?

This is an application-only program and we don’t enroll everyone who applies. It is a high-level coaching program with unlimited copy critiques (which is SUPER rare outside of 1:1 consulting). It’s important to make sure everyone is a great fit: we want to cultivate an amazing group of people who are equally invested in their success. That’s why we have you fill out an application first and then speak to you before inviting you to enroll. 

Am I at the right stage of business for Get Paid Marketing?

We only work with entrepreneurs who already have a group program or course that sells on a consistent basis, at least $10,000-$20,000 in monthly revenue, and happy current or former clients. 

If you’re starting your very first business and still at the idea phase of developing a program or product, or if you're trying to fill your 1:1 coaching practice, this isn't the group for you. 

Is this program focused 100% on Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Nope! This is a holistic look at your overall marketing plan for your business, which may or may not include running Facebook Ads. If you want them, you can have access to any of my courses and add the GPM team to your ad account for extra eyes in the Ads Manager. The program will not be focusing on Facebook Ads as the only topic. 

What if I can’t make it to every call?

We don't expect anyone to be able to make it to every call! That's why video recordings of every group call will be published in our member’s area and on a private podcast only accessible to our clients.

However, the clients who get the best results usually attend at least 2 calls every month. They are held at 2pm Eastern and last between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

What is different about this program compared to other coaching programs or masterminds?

How much time do you have?? 😆

1. I've never been in a high-level program where the coach was also an Ads Expert. If you hadn't mastered ads already, you had to go and invest in that training in addition to the pricey program you were paying for!

2. There is none of that "I'm the guru, you are my lowly followers" shit happening inside GPM. I'm fully transparent about what works and doesn't in my own business, as well as what "successful" entrepreneurs only share behind closed doors.

If it's going to be virtually impossible for to get clients from ads, or rank high on Google, or turn a $37 product into a multi-6 figure funnel, you will hear the truth from me. (I have been known to burst people's bubbles on coaching calls. #sorrynotsorry)

3. Finally, absolutely nothing compares to the feedback you'll get from my messaging and copy coach. The critiques she provides are literally worth your entire investment in this program. She's that expert set of eyes on your conversion copy you always wish you had on retainer.

Apply for a spot in Get Paid Marketing now!

Our start date for the next cohort is July 1st, 2024. 

Enrollment will be open May 8th to May 16th. Take about 10 minutes to fill out our application - if you have questions, feel free to include them!


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