4 Jobs Your Evergreen Webinar Does on Autopilot (GPP235)

I have been talking about webinars nonstop to whoever cares to listen and this is wild coming from someone who HATED them! Today I’m telling you all about how that changed when I took a live webinar and made it evergreen. 

I’m taking you through my own journey with webinars, the role of ads, and what metric to watch out for that most people (including myself) may miss. 

Listen For: 

  • Why I went from a webinar hater and avoider to seeing instant revenue bumps from my evergreen webinars
  • The metric you need to be looking at to measure your webinar’s long term success potential
  • The ad strategy I tested to drive traffic to my webinar and build trust and authority with my audience in a shorter period of time 
  • The aftermath of COVID and why I completely changed my webinar and evergreen funnel
  • The real numbers to look for when it comes to evergreen webinars and ads

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