Kathryn Morrison & Dorothy Johnson: Evergreen Funnels that Convert Cold Traffic (GPP209)

Today marks the third episode of chatting with members who have made big things happen in Get Paid Marketing. My two guests today have something truly unique in common: They get people to enroll in their $3k programs through evergreen funnels without offering any discounts.

Developing an evergreen program or scaling one right now? This is the episode for you. One of the major revelations in today’s episode was the fact that neither Kathryn nor Dorothy have had horror stories with Facebook Ads. In fact, they’re crushing it and loving it. So we’ll get into that too. 

Meet Kathryn Morrison. She helps people who are equal parts strategy and intuition build wildly abundant and alive brands and businesses.  As the founder of Brand Alchemy Accelerator, she brought her business to half a million dollars in revenue through all organic marketing. Her clients go from hiding in plain sight online to bigger than they ever imagined possible, with businesses full of happy, highly aligned clients.

Meet Dorothy Johnson. She helps her clients get over their exes in 3 months or less. And, according to her amazing results, many of her clients are able to achieve total emotional freedom in a matter of weeks. Not only do they move on, they build a life BETTER than the one they had before. Dorothy’s business boomed after she launched her very popular Get Over Your Ex Podcast where she teaches all of the things she wished had been available when she went through her own devastating breakup. 

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • The difference between optimizing for warm and cold traffic
  • Evergreen funnels that actually convert cold traffic 
  • The ideal attitude to have that will increase your likelihood of success with ads
  • What it’s like to get our messaging coach, Sarah Lucille’s, eyes on your copy and completely transform your sales page
  • Different possibilities for evergreen; from free webinars to a paid $17 challenge 
  • $21k ROI in funnels with a just $4k ad spent
  • What it takes to excel in Get Paid Marketing 

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Now, it’s time to go get yourself paid.