The #1 Reason I Can Balance Business With Motherhood (GPP125)

Is it possible to run a successful business while balancing motherhood? Hell yeah!

Although it’s never going to be easy.

If you’re currently reviewing the question of daycare, thinking of having kids, or you’re planning your maternity leave then this episode will hopefully help a lot as we’re trying to plan and prepare for our second child.

When expecting my first baby, my business was still a baby. We were living in Argentina and I’d recently launched this very podcast. When my daughter was born, things were hectic and life was tough. After relocating to Philly we eventually decided daycare would provide the best solution, allowing me to contribute to the family’s finances while getting back to my business. This wasn’t an easy decision and I had a ton of guilt to contend with (which I’ve gotten over for the most part).

While we’ve had our ups and downs, there’s been one thing that eventually allowed me to balance motherhood and business. And that’s my husband (or the relationship we’ve cultivated over time). But, there’s a little more to it than that…

In this episode, I’m going to be sharing some details of the hardships of parenthood and the widely discussed topic of balancing work and family. I’m also going to be breaking down the moves I made in the business and the decisions that we made as a couple in order to optimize our lives as entrepreneurs while maximizing our effectiveness in parenthood.

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