Mama’s Got a Brand New Motto

No more apologizing.

Or wringing your hands in indecision.

Do this instead:

I want to know what this brings up for YOU! Let me know in the comments below.

Video Transcript:

If you’ve ever watched South Park, or at least back in the day (I don’t know if this is even still a thing), you might remember Cartman and his catch phrase which was, “WHATEVA. I do what I want!”

I want to know what would happen if you started saying that in your business. What if instead of looking for the answer in Facebook groups, or asking your friends, or on blog posts, what if you answered “I do what I want,” and then you did what you want?

This is something that I’ve been starting to do a lot, and it feels really good. And today I’m going to tell you about something that I’m going to start doing, because I want to. It might not be popular, it might not be what I should do. It might hurt my traffic, or get me some unsubscribes. I don’t know, but it really feels good to me, and I’d love to see what would happen if you started doing things that felt really good.

One example of this that I’ve started doing, or I noticed, and that’s really what brought this up for me, was sometimes I get messages via Facebook about working with me, and that is not my jam. I try to stay away from all the notifications on my phone, or on Facebook, and I’m bad at it. I’m constantly looking at everything and reading everything, but I’m not necessarily going to respond to something that comes to me via Facebook, because I see it and forget it. It’s not like my inbox, where I keep things unread if I haven’t replied to them. The last time this happened, I got all like “Oh, what should I do? I’d love to just tell this person to email my assistant, and she will send you all the information about my services, the prices to booking, whatever, whatever, or just check my website, because that’s all there.” But, I started thinking “Oh well, this person came from a referral, from somebody who I really respect, so I should probably make sure this is a one-on-one interaction, always with me, and I guess it’s just here in Facebook.”

But that’s dumb. That back and forth and “oh, what should I do.” That was a waste of my time, and so I’ve made the decision that when that happens, I’m going to just say “email my assistant, I don’t do Facebook messages.” And that might come off like I’m a bitch, but that’s the reason that I have an assistant. That’s the reason that I pay someone else, is so that they can take that stuff off my plate, so I can focus on some other things.

Now I’m not saying that I’m just going to do whatever I want in my business, the way that I want, and never really consider the impact of that. For example, I’m putting together a pretty complex program to teach other people how to run Facebook ads for their clients, and I’m not just going to be like, “Well I’m going to teach this in whatever order I want, or just sort of like wing it, or do it at whatever time is best for me,” because that really doesn’t necessarily work for the people that I’m trying to serve. Since those people are investing their money with me, I’m definitely going to keep that into consideration.

But at some point I feel like you’ve got to stop worrying so much about what other people are going to think, or how it’s going to impact your business if you actually run it the way that you want to.

The thing that I am not going to do for a little while is write blog posts about Facebook ads, or whatever, for 4 to 6 maybe weeks (I’m not really sure).

And the reason behind that is because I’ve just got a lot of other shit on my plate, and I’m sure that you have felt this way more than once, where you’re doing different things. I’m working on different offerings, positioning, branding, design, this program to help people run ads for their clients. It is a lot, and so I have to step back from something. In addition to all that, I’m still doing the podcast, which is something that I love, so instead of putting this pressure on myself to get a blog post out every week, get a podcast out every week, and serve my clients, and try to grow the business, it’s like, all right. Something is going to come out from that whole pile, and it’s going to be the blogging, and I’m okay with that. I hope that you’re okay with that.

It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to hear from me. I’m still going to be emailing you every week, but about the podcast episodes. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, this might be a good reminder to do that! I really recommend it. I have just gotten incredible ideas about my own business from these conversations, and the feedback has been tremendous.

If you are not interested in the podcasts, that is perfectly all right! There will be a little link in all of the emails that say “I’m not interested in hearing about the podcast anymore,” and you can click that, and then you’ll hear from me again when I come back from this kind of blogging hiatus.

What I would really love is for you to think about how you can start saying “I do what I want in your own business.” If there’s something that you’ve been kind of thinking about, or it’s really just been on your mind, something you would love to stop doing, or something you’d like to start doing, let me know just by leaving a comment on this post.

If you’re really going to miss the Facebook ad blog posts, I have a ton on the blog already. If you just Google “clairepells”, and then whatever topic, like targeting, or interests, or copy, that’s all going to pop up for you.

So again, let me know in the comments what you are going to change, stop doing, or start doing, because you’re going to start doing what you want in the business. Thank you so much for watching; I hope to still see you when I come back from my hiatus, and if not, if you gotta unsubscribe, that’s okay with me. We can’t all be BFF’s forever, right?

I will talk to you guys soon. :)