Jamie Jensen: More Creative, More Profitable (GPP80)

An award-winning screenwriter, business strategist and the creator of Story School, Jamie Jensen has helped over 700 entrepreneurs increase their sales by up to 900% with the power of effective storytelling. Prior to helping business leaders connect deeply with their audiences through copy, video, and talks, she worked in story development in Hollywood, assisting writers in both film & television. 

Today, Jamie’s on the Get Paid Podcast to chat about her transition from running a copywriting agency towards launching courses,  the strategies that worked and the ones that didn’t, dealing with grief while running a business, and how the change in business model affected her bottom line.

“The power of authentic, vulnerable storytelling is that you create permission for other people to face things that in their own life and history that they maybe aren't looking at. ” — Jamie JensenClick To Tweet

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast

  • Why Jamie shut down her copywriting agency [4:46]
  • Letting her team go [8:46]
  • Why Jamie doesn’t like ‘real’ launches [11:33]
  • Jamie’s alternative launch strategy [14:52]
  • Leveraging templates [32:19]
  • Podcasts and vaginal canals [39:46]
  • Never feeling like you’re finished [45:20]
  • Dealing with grief as you run a business [49:34]
  • The difference between a growth phase and a transition phase [55:24]

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