Iczel Katz: Learning From The Best (and a Challenge For Claire) (GPP71)

Iczel Katz is a launch strategist and business coach who uses her expertise with Facebook ads, the ASK Method®, and online launches to successfully grow her clients’ businesses. She leverages her diverse background and ability to clarify complex problems to help mission-driven business owners simplify, and create effective business processes.

In this week’s episode of the Get Paid Podcast, Iczel chats about the lessons trying to sell 48,000 pounds of Guatemalan coffee taught her, why every entrepreneur should read Choose by Ryan Levesque, and learning to prioritize things outside of her business.

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This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Being the point of failure [8:10]
  • The type of launch you should NOT do if you’re just getting started [10:47]
  • What to do when your brother-in-law sends you 48,000 pounds of coffee [16:50]
  • What sort of launches should you do? [27:35]
  • “Whatever’s in your head, you get to take with you.” [37:49]
  • The one thing that changed Claire’s business [46:56]
  • Getting paid 5 cents for every dollar [58:00]
  • How to spot a nightmare client  [1:03:00]
  • Setting boundaries and expectations so you don’t drive yourself crazy [1:09:00]
  • Claire’s shanky Spanish accent [1:24:10]
  • What percentage of your profit are you donating? [1:32:10]

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