Courtney Foster-Donahue: Insane Growth From “Critical Events” (GPP67)

Courtney Foster-Donahue is an actor by trade, a four-time entrepreneur by accident, and host of The Courtney Show on purpose. She helps other entrepreneurs build, grow, and scale their businesses through her suite of acclaimed online programs including FB Framework™, The Course Course, and her content-free membership, Thrivemind. 

“A lot of people roll their eyes at evergreen funnels and things that are automated. And that doesn't make sense. Businesses should be in a place where we can get solutions to people when they need them, ” — Courtney Foster-DonahueClick To Tweet

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • What a content-free membership platform looks like [4:14]
  • What’s in a name? Why what you name your course matters [10:08]
  • Suggestions versus Framework  [15:03]
  • When you shouldn’t be running ads [16:00]
  • When raising your price raises your conversion rate [19:55]
  • Why you might want to be targeting princess parties [28:26]
  • An inside look into Courtney’s bigger launches [48:45]
  • How almost dying led Courtney to shift to evergreen launches [51:49]
  • Profit First and Courtney’s 70% profit margins [1:06:34]

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