Claire Pelletreau: Everything I Did to Close Out a $220K Year (GPP57)

How did you determine the product your market needs? How did you launch your online course? How did you start getting clients? How do you get paid? These are the types of questions I ask my guests on the Get Paid Podcast. Back in 2015, I answered a few of these very questions on how I ran my business, worked with clients, and got paid in my first year of online business.

But, like many things – the way I get paid today is significantly different than how I did in my first year.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”“The biggest thing I learned about myself is that I seek – and flourish – off of external validation.” – Claire Pelletreau” quote=”“The biggest thing I learned about myself is that I seek – and flourish – off of external validation.” – Claire Pelletreau”]

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • My “origin story” and my initial view about money and working on retainer
  • Why I felt like a fraud when I conducted my 2016 Masterclass after my maternity leave
  • Why the 2017 Traffic and Conversion Summit is one of the most pivotal things that happened in my business
  • How I decided to increase the price of my signature course by 300%
  • Why I initially decided not to run the group program I had run in the past, and what motivated me to bring it back to the market
  • Two disappointing product launches that led me to re-evaluate my course offerings and marketing strategy
  • How nine people gave me new life as they worked with me in the Ad Consultant Incubator Program
  • How I currently structure my retainer package for done-for-you ad management: how much I charge and the minimum amount of time to work with me
  • What allowed me to make significant investments in my business in 2018
  • Details of my 2019 business plan and why I’m trying to slow down this year

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