Arielle Hale: Landing Big Name Clients & The Digital Nomad+Mom Life (GPP54)

Arielle Hale is a project manager specializing in helping 6-figure online business owners to launch their online courses and coaching programs. She has a no-bullshit approach to helping entrepreneurs identify holes in their launch strategy and create a comprehensive plan for a successful launch. While traveling the world and raising a 3-year-old, she has worked with several well-known clients including Rachel Luna and Nikki Elledge Brown as well as companies such as AppSumo.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”“Get out there. Don’t be scared. You can find a way to just do what you want to do.” – Arielle Hale” quote=”“Get out there. Don’t be scared. You can find a way to just do what you want to do.” – Arielle Hale”]

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Ari’s average revenue during slow months versus busy months and why she prefers working with a handful of clients. 
  • How she landed a job with AppSumo. 
  • What Ari recommends you do when vetting new potential clients in order to identify boundaries and “deal breakers” for your business. 
  • How she turns down clients she doesn’t want to work with. 
  • How Arielle stays up-to-date on marketing strategies that will work best for her clients and where she gains inspiration for new ideas. 
  • The difference between a business manager and a launch manager. 
  • Ari’s advice for identifying which tasks entrepreneurs should outsource to move their businesses forward. 
  • Why she has no desire to scale her business or grow her team. 
  • How she balances being a digital nomad, entrepreneur, and full-time mom while maintaining a social life. 
  • How she gets the most engagement on social media. 
  • How Arielle’s son reacts to frequently traveling and her advice for researching child care services in new, unfamiliar cities.

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