Maggie Patterson: Countless Revenue Streams (GPP05)

Maggie Patterson on The Get Paid PodcastCopywriting, guest blogging, storytelling . . . if it has anything to do with writing the words that’ll make you money, Maggie Patterson and her micro-marketing agency can handle it. But why did Maggie leave her cushy, well-paying corporate clients behind to roll the dice with an online business? And what does a business that provides SO many services actually look like?

In this episode you’ll hear:

— Why Maggie couldn’t (and shouldn’t) follow the advice that every business should “niche down.”

— What it means to have an “offline” marketing business, plus how and why she made the switch and went online.

— How Maggie manages expectations of potential clients to avoid some awkward conversations down the line.

— The breakdown of her revenue sources from 2014, and the financial hit she took personally in terms of take-home pay.

— How Maggie prices out her retainer services when no two clients ever fit into the same “packages.”

— The actual numbers of our individual lists and what we could do to get them to 10K in two months.

— The bizarre reason my own bank account was very low for most of June.

— What Maggie’s in-person assistant does in 10 hours per month.

— The effect her podcast has on the business’s bottom line.

— What Maggie says you can no longer hope for when it comes to guest posting (but why you should still be doing it).

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