Chase Reeves: “This Shit Is Hard” (GPP 40)


Today I am ecstatic to interview Chase Reeves, co-owner of the Fizzle show! Since I began podcasting, I’ve always known that I wanted to get inside Chase’s head; talk to him about his goals, dreams, aspirations, and accomplishments. My dream finally came true today! I speak with Chase about the Fizzle podcast show, his views about business and feeling successful in this crazy business world, as well as ask him some very intimate, personal questions about life as a business leader.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Why Chase feels that your best business insights come from your vulnerability.
  • What led Chase from pursuing his dream of becoming a pastor to becoming a successful co-owner of an online business community.
  • How Chase feels about transitioning from working solo to working with a team.
  • How Chase juggles travelling so much for business while raising a family.

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