Tena Pettis: Running an Agency, Office Included (GPP03)


Tena.cious is a social media and design agency with 10+ employees currently serving 5 and 6-figure accounts. But it started just like so many small businesses: with just one individual. Could you or I do that? It’s a question that’s constantly on my mind.

In today’s episode of The Get Paid Podcast, I’m interviewing Tena Pettis, the founder and CEO of Tena.cious, a company that’s on its way to a million dollars in annual revenue.

In this episode you’ll hear:

— Why Tena spends money on advertising when the return-on-investment is completely impossible to track.

— Tena’s most-valued Twitter technique she employs for following up with potential clients. (She swears it helps her close more than any other social media trick.)

— How many revenue streams Tena.cious has – I don’t know how they keep them all straight!

— The exact prices of their social media management monthly retainer packages, and what clients get for each one.

— What Tena actually does in the business, and how her work directly impacts Tena.cious’ bottom line.

— Why she pays for office space when she could just as easily manage a remote team.

— The one piece of the business that keeps Tena up at night. (Mo’ money, mo’ problems, right?)

— Tena.cious’ very best money-making technique, and why Tena had no interest in trying it out in the beginning.

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