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You Won’t Believe How Much Kirsten Roldan Paid Herself Last Year (GPP266)

Kirsten Roldan, a former healthcare professional, pivoted to the online business world in 2019, rapidly transforming side hustles into a booming $350K first-year revenue. By 2023, her business was bringing in $1M. 

Learn how Kirsten refined her business strategy and long list of offers to hit those coveted milestones. All while crafting a business model that also protects her peace.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Kirsten’s transition from working in healthcare to starting her own business in 2019
  • How Kirsten went from a long list of side hustles to reaching close to $350k in revenue her first year in business 
  • Hitting those high revenue numbers with a small email list
  • Going from $350k to over a million in a year in revenue – important lessons in keeping things simpler
  • Kirsten’s stance on hiring employees vs. contractors and what she would did differently
  • Why an efficient system is everything for a peaceful business that continues to scale in revenue  every year 
  • Kirsten’s secret to selling via email and spending only as much time on social as you want

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