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Ads Are Getting Easier. Here’s Why. (GPP248)

Today, I’m diving right into the recent evolution of Facebook and Instagram ads, with some practical solutions for today. The game changed drastically with the iOS 14 update, tweaking privacy settings and causing a seismic shift in all things ads. Costs surged for sign-ups and purchases, prompting some to question the efficacy of these channels. 

Rather than throwing in the towel, I conducted experiments to uncover a surprisingly straightforward approach. No agency required. Now, I’m revealing the only two ad campaigns I run, and what I have my clients test for optimal results.

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This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  •  What it took to the changing advertising landscape
  • The evolution of ads management and why that’s good news for small businesses 
  • Agencies vs. DIY and what makes the most sense now
  • Simplifying tracking and targeting so anyone can do it
  • What you should be testing in your ads, and no longer testing
  • Enrollment in Absolute FB Ads – why to get in before October

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