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Unfiltered Insights on Paid Traffic – Ad Curious Workshop Replay (GPP247)

Today’s episode is a replay of my recent Ad Curious workshop. I hosted an informal meeting on Zoom for everyone and anyone interested in figuring out Facebook and Instagram ads. I invited a bunch of ad curious entrepreneurs to tell me why they do or do NOT want to run ads and then I gave my honest opinions on what could work for them. In a nutshell, we talk honestly, one business owner to another, about the reality of paid traffic in 2023. 

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How long to wait before you judge whether or not an ad campaign is working out
  • The possibilities of list building ads when transitioning from 1:1 client work to online consulting 
  • What can go into breaking even and then profiting on your ads when starting out
  • Do your ads build or lose trust with your audience? 
  • Why to grow visibility BEFORE you need it
  • When the leads are cheap but the sales on a higher ticket program aren’t coming in 
  • How we find out why people aren’t buying that results in a better connection with our audience 
  • When you’re amazing at what you do but no one knows about you – learn this list building ad
  • Are FB/IG ads worth it if you only sell lower priced products? 
  • Addressing your own beliefs before making any assumptions about what will or will not work

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