How Shifting Our Family Dynamic Dramatically Changed My Business (GPP245)

Annie Schuessler, a friend, a previous guest on the Get Paid Podcast, and also a client of mine, takes the reins for the interview today. Annie hosts The Rebel Therapist Podcast and helps therapists create their first online group program. She had me on her podcast to talk about a very specific family dynamic that changed between my husband and me that affected our entire family. And, it had a HUGE impact on my business. Not an easy adjustment, but one I want to speak candidly about with all of you who are striving to expand your businesses while fulfilling caregiving roles.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • What it can mean to be the primary parent when building a business
  • The impact on creativity when you never really know when someone is going to need you
  • Starting a difficult conversation with my husband about roles when we’re both entrepreneurs 
  • The reaction when we finally made a list of our separate responsibilities
  • When you and your spouse have very different perspectives on your relationship
  • Why you should figure out your different needs when it comes to workflow and dealing with interruptions
  • Challenging internal pressure and bias about expectations put on women and mothers
  • What you need to know about Absolute FB Ads, my signature program that’s only open about once a year

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