Jess Zeigler: “Is This a Hobby or a Business?” (GPP237)

A professional longarm quilter for the past 10 years, Jess Zeigler helps other quilters earn and launch real businesses through her online course, Rookie Season, and her membership, Longarm League. She and her husband Josh now work together in the business, supporting their family solely through the revenue generated from their various digital offers.  Today we deep dive into Jess’s journey from stay at home mom to quilting hobbyist to professional and how prioritizing her mental health and embracing uncertainty played a huge role. 

Also, stick around toward the end to hear Jess get a real-time messaging session with Get Paid Marketing’s conversion copywriter and messaging coach, Sarah Lucille. 

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Jess’s journey of self-discovery as a stay-at-home mom and grappling with her identity
  • Unleashing her passion for a hobby without immediate plans for monetization
  • The struggles and drain of earning small commissions through a time-consuming quilting business model
  • How her first big $10k investment in a Longarm machine changed everything
  • What shifted when Jess tore it all down, started homeschooling, and prioritized therapy
  • Challenging societal beliefs ingrained by patriarchy and embracing a mindset focused on possibilities rather than limitations
  • When and why her husband left his 16 year high stress job in 2021 to be part of the business
  • Shifting her model to teaching and creating resources for Longarm quilters
  • Jess and Sarah Lucille dive into a mini messaging session, addressing the key paradigm shifts a really niche audience needs to make before buying
  • Jess’s motivation for joining Get Paid Marketing and how it propelled her to take action and implement her ideas sooner.

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