Sandy Connery and Jeni Barcelos: When Lockdown Explodes Your Business (GPP236)

Tune into one of our most powerful podcast episodes featuring the founders of Marvelous and And She Coaching Co., Jeni Barcelos and Sandy Connery. Despite starting in different industries, Jeni as an attorney and Sandy in footwear and gait analysis, they bonded as the only two women in a tech course with 600 participants. Together, they faced countless obstacles such as securing investors, dealing with copycats, and even running two companies with long COVID before it was widely known. In this powerful interview, Jeni and Sandy share their inspiring story of building their businesses and overcoming adversity in a male-dominated industry. Don’t miss their incredible journey of tenacity and resilience.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How Sandy and Jeni combined their very different personalities and ways of seeing the world to become successful and supportive business partners
  • How they navigated the traumatic process of securing investors and raising funds in a male dominated industry 
  • The impact of COVID and quarantine on their business and the process of receiving thousands upon thousands of urgent customer service requests
  • How long COVID affected Jeni at a time when no one really understood what long COVID was 
  • What a 22 staff hire in 3 weeks looks like for a small tech company
  • Why a company doing exceptionally well applied for Get Paid Marketing 
  • The power of really personalized ads consulting and 1:1 support even when your business is thriving
  • The commotion with Silicon Valley Bank closing down

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