Jessie Mundell: Selling Anti-Diet Fitness Coaching (GPP234)

Jessie Mundell is a Kinesiologist, Fitness Coach, writer, speaker, and mom to two young kids who is also the go-to support system for pregnancy and postpartum (and BEYOND) fitness that strengthens and heals the whole body, core, and pelvic floor – without requiring anyone to shrink down or weigh themselves. She also educates and certifies trainers and health practitioners on how to more effectively and safely coach their pre/postnatal clients or patients to better strength and function without promoting harmful diet ideologies. Today we talk about how Jessie has built both professional training for other practitioners and a membership based business that centers pregnant and postpartum individuals. 

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • The trajectory of Jessie taking on in-person clients in a gym to building a successful online membership that retains members for years.  
  • Letting go of the expectation that you should be in a certain place in business after a certain number of years
  • The pressure to hit seven-figures and why it’s not indicative of a successful lifestyle business
  • The art of navigating running a business as parents
  • Why self-care is not a luxury you have to earn 
  • How important it was for Jessie to lean fully into their anti-diet messaging
  • How Jessie created a pre and postnatal membership program that retains the same very engaged clientele for years
  • The personalized support that helped Jesse launch her ads and really amplify her most important messaging
  • Why hiring isn’t always about delegating things you don’t know how to do
  • How Claire’s amazing team operates and to help people really get the most from Get Paid Marketing 

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