2022 Year in Review: Two 6-Figure Launches (GPP 215)

We’ve brought back fan-favorite guest interviewer Braden Drake to help Claire review the highs and lows of Claire Pelletreau Inc in 2022!

In this episode: all the numbers, lessons learned, projections for the next year, and how Claire made money in her business are discussed in the tiniest detail.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How to get Claire’s attention in the DMs
  • Converting Get Paid Marketing from evergreen—what will help you deliver your program best
  • Claire’s biggest objection about The Lead Lab and Get Paid Marketing
  • Claire’s monthly sales, slow months and months they killed it as a business
  • Slush funds and how Claire’s saved the business
  • Higher price point, fewer students?
  • A 450k year
  • All you need to know about Claire’s launches
  • Two 6 figure launch year!
  • Will there be a live event in the near future?
  • How Claire spent her launch revenue

Mentioned on This Podcast:

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