Sarah Lucille: The Art of Sales Copy That Converts (Without Promising Specific Results) (GPP194)

Sarah Lucille has over a decade of experience in copywriting, messaging, coaching, and communications.

Her clients refer to her as a messaging maven, muse, and wordsmith. Guided by the endless curiosity of a Gemini sun and the adventurous spirit of a Sagittarius rising, she has acquired a wealth of knowledge about a whole lot of random topics. All this has made her a pretty damn suited for guiding others through their positioning and copy in just about any niche. She regularly hears “ how the hell do you know so much about what I do?” It happens to be her favorite question of all!

Sarah is also the Copy and Messaging coach in Get Paid Marketing and my own copywriter as well!

“I was attracting a lot of folks like myself who always felt like the neurodiverse weirdo in the room.” – Sarah Lucille.


This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How Sarah went from the British Museum to a winery to health coaching to writing MY emails…
  • Can you write successful sales copy that doesn’t make a promise?
  • Leaving space in your copy to expand your audience while talking directly to your target audience.
  • How do vampire shows influence Sarah’s copywriting style?
  • The most attractive quality for an entrepreneur to have. (Seriously, I see this filling spots like you would NOT believe!)
  • The shocking conversion rate on my Workshop Magic sales page. Which yes,, Sarah wrote.
  • Words in your copy that plant seeds of doubt.
  • How to avoid being seen as the bait and switch entrepreneur.
  • Getting out of the negative stories about your business that are spinning around your own head so you can write good copy
  • Going from 120 TikTok followers to 1,000 in a month.

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