Annie Schuessler: 25 Launches for One Program in 4 Years (GPP193)

Annie Schuessler is a business coach and the host of the Rebel Therapist®Podcast. She’s been a business coach for therapists, healers, and coaches for over 12 years. With her Rebel Therapist®Programs, she helps entrepreneurs make their biggest impact and much more money. 

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Showing signs of depression at age 6, and what you can do when your child is struggling with their mental health
  • Practicing as a therapist for 20 years
  • Her journey into business coaching and why she transitioned
  • How Annie got people to sign up for her first workshop.
  • Launching her program 25 times since 2018
  • When did Annie start with ads?
  • Her experience in Get Paid Marketing
  • The highest revenue she achieved in her private practice
  • The motivation behind capping the number of people who join her program
  • Going away from her business for 2 months

Connect with Annie Schuessler:

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