BIG Announcement 🗣🗣🗣 (GPP 191)

It’s Workshop Magic Monday! 

I’m just popping into your podcast app to let you know that enrollment is officially open for our ROI-focused course, Workshop Magic

Workshop Magic teaches you:

>> How to come up with the idea for a paid live workshop

>> How to sell it before you actually prepare any of the content (that way, you validate your idea before making anything other than a very basic sales page) 

>> And the ultra important delivery method that seamlessly integrates your pitch for your higher priced offering.

PLUS we make it incredibly easy thanks to template after template, our sales page outline, plus added support in our pop-up Facebook group during the month of May. 

If you’re wondering if the Workshop Magic strategy will work for you, your audience, and your signature offer, let me know! 

Come right on into my DMs on Instagram – I’m @clairepells there.

Can’t wait to work with you on nailing down your workshop idea and then filling it up in no time!