The “Get Paid to Grow Your List” Strategy: a Detailed Walkthrough (GPP189)

Today I’m going to walk you through the entire ad strategy + funnel I teach my clients inside Get Paid Marketing. This is exactly how you get paid to grow your list AND sell your high-ticket offer in a non-salesy way. 


Workshop Magic LIVE is coming soon! It’s all about creating and launching paid live workshops to then upsell your attendees into your higher ticket offer.

We’ll open enrollment for Workshop Magic LIVE on May 2nd, and the first live session will kick off on  May 9th. Mark your calendar, and sign up for the waitlist here:

Your seat in Workshop Magic will cost $300. If you take Workshop Magic and decide to enroll in our mastermind, Get Paid Marketing, that $300 will go toward the cost of GPM, which we’ll be launching again in the second half of May. 

Sign up for the GPM waitlist here:


Now it’s time to GET PAID

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Now, it’s time to go get yourself paid.