Braden Drake: Should You Focus on Monthly Profit Goals? (GPP187)

Braden Drake is a law school graduate in San Diego & took and passed the bar exam. That makes him an official lawyer. After that, he got his master’s degree in tax law while working for H&R Block part-time. It was a party.

Then, he started a law firm, worked 1-on-1 with about 100 different creative small biz owners, and discovered that he loved teaching and empowering entrepreneurs to kick ass in business.

Braden has a handsome husband who works as a District Attorney prosecuting hate crimes in San Diego, and they have three adorable little dogs.

“We’re all in this to make profit, specifically to get money into our personal bank account. I felt like that messaging was getting lost.” – Braden Drake


This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Who shifted Branden’s vision from private practice to online entrepreneurship?
  • Tactics he uses to get new subscribers and build his audience.
  • Braden’s launch dud/profit deep freeze and the lessons he learned from it.
  • The movie Bring It On! and Branden’s summer of 2021 launch strategy.
  • What’s the Contract Vault, when will it be available, and how much does it cost? (It’s so cheap!)
  • When should an evergreen webinar be a part of your marketing strategy?
  • How to *properly* calculate your profit, according to an Attorney and Tax Preparer.
  • Figuring out your revenue goals in a changing online environment—I get real about my own mindset and strategic considerations. It’s way trickier than you’d think.
  • Branden’s upcoming bonus course about dealing with back taxes. If you’re worried, you need this.
  • What does Branden’s team look like and how to calculate the real cost of an employee.

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