Suzy Ashworth: Earning £2 Million in a “Bumpy” Year (GPP184)

Suzy Ashworth is a seven-figure entrepreneur and a quantum transformation and embodiment coach. Her superpower is helping conscious entrepreneurs create six-figure breakthroughs in their business so that they too can expand into a limitless living, and create an incredibly positive difference in the world.

Her work has been featured in Forbes, Grazia, and The BBC. She supports her global client base to create magnetic messaging that helps them to magnify their income, and their impact, as they build heart-centered networks of loyal fans and clients across the world.

Suzy is also a Hay House author, international keynote speaker, and a believer in miracles who is a mum to three wonderful kids. Always open to the experiences life has to offer, Suzy’s also lived in Mexico and Spain with her family, and is now back in the UK.

“Self-publish and then get the attention. Don’t wait for a publishing deal.” – Suzy Ashworth

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Is it better to offer the same thing to everyone?
  • How B-School fits into Suzy’s business story.
  • Wait. Suzy almost turned down a deal with HAY HOUSE?
  • Getting people to invest £97 to £40K in your business.
  • Failing forward and moving on quickly from the bad stuff that happens.
  • What “woo”, feminine energy,  “do” versus “be” mean to Suzy in a business sense.
  • The mindset shift that pushed Suzy from 6 to 7-figures in 2019.
  • The one question Suzy asked herself that completely changed her energy in business.
  • What Suzy’s Home Assistant does for her. I’m JEALOUS!
  • How does over £2 million equal a BUMPY year?

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