3 Levers I Pull to Maximize Revenue in My Business (GPP183)

The advice I’m giving in this podcast episode works best for people who already have an offer that converts well. Think about the offer you sell the most of or the one that brings in the most revenue and consider how you can pull these levers for that offer.

The three levers I’m referring to are:

1) Traffic – Getting more eyeballs

2) Conversion Rate – Converting more of those new eyeballs to buyers

3) Price – Making more money per transaction

“The easiest traffic to get is often the hardest traffic to convert.” – Claire Pelletreau

Let me tell you, too—this is not only about getting in front of more eyeballs or converting traffic, it’s also about building trust and providing pain relief for your clients.  Listen to Episode 182 on The Get Paid Podcast for a richer explanation of how to work with these levers to increase your profitability. 

Mentioned in this episode: 

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