Tasha Booth: A Stress-Free $295K Launch (Seriously) (GPP164)


Tasha Booth is an agency owner, coach, and podcaster. She is the Founder & CEO of The Launch Guild – a full-service launch support agency working with established coaches and course creators with Course & Podcast Launches.  Her team is over 20 members strong and works together to support their clients in being able to focus back onto their zones of genius.

Additionally, she mentors Virtual Support Pros, Launch Managers, & Agency Owners who are passionate and ready to grow their businesses while living life on their own terms, and she is the host of the How She Did That Podcast — a podcast for Virtual Support Pros to learn business and tech tips. Tasha has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur, and she has appeared as a guest speaker for various summits and podcasts including Amy Porterfield’s “Online Marketing Made Easy,” and Julie Solomon’s “The Influencer Podcast.”

Tasha is an Air Force wife to her husband Scott, stepmom to Grace & Meredith, and work-from-home dog mom to Stanly and Boomer. In her spare time, she watches true crime tv, sings karaoke, and tends to her organic vegetable garden.

“Money is fast. Being able to make decisions on the fly and not waiting until you have it perfect is really helpful for making money.” – Tasha Booth


This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How Tasha pivoted to a VA business
  • How being involved in theater prepared Tasha for entrepreneurship
  • Some hiring approaches that DON’T work
  • Paying your contractors and employees (and what to figure into the math)
  • How Tasha got sales calls off her plate (and what happened to conversion rates when she did)
  • How many launches Tasha and her team work on at once
  • How to have a $295K launch—with ease and flow
  • Monthly expenses for Tasha’s team
  • How she can launch something new every two months without going crazy
  • How much Tasha pays herself
  • The growing pains that come with revenue jumps
  • How Tasha targets VAs with Facebook Ads

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