Mark Butler: The CFO You Can Never Fire (GPP16)

gpp-mark-squareHaving trouble keeping track of your business finances? Make sure you know exactly how to use your revenue projections in order to stimulate business growth rather than set yourself up for failure.

Mark Butler was mentioned a few episodes ago when I interviewed Racheal Cook because he is the CFO that she mentioned as a part of her team. That is what Mark does for a living; he will be your CFO and help you manage the money.

In this episode you’ll hear:

— Exactly how Mark helps his clients manage their money, and make smarter spending decisions.

— Why you should never use projections to make big spending decisions and what you should use them for instead.

— Why he is virtually “unfireable” and what exactly that means.

— Why his previous business, a membership site, shriveled up and died (and what you can do to avoid that).

— Why Mark is not a big fan of high end mastermind programs.

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Thanks for listening! Time to go get yourself paid. :)