Rachel Rodgers: 1 Year and a 3 Million Dollar Revenue Jump (GPP154)

Rachel Rodgers is the founder of Hello Seven, a multi-million dollar company that teaches women how to earn more money and build wealth.

Her mission is to teach women—especially women of color—how to end the cycle of overworking, under-earning, and financial stress, once and for all. Through her podcast and blog, Rodgers’ reaches over 50,000 women every week—sharing guidance on how to take charge of your financial situation, increase your income, work smarter, and make decisions like a millionaire (even if you aren’t one, yet). As a business coach, attorney, CEO, Black woman, working mother, and self-made millionaire, Rodgers brings a powerful combination of professional and personal insight. She’s known for her blunt, sensible advice and for calling out the elephant in the room—whether it’s racism, misogyny, or centuries of unfair legal practices that have stripped financial power away from women. Rodgers teaches her clients how to succeed financially in spite of the very real obstacles along the path.

Rachel started her career working on The Hill with nonprofits, federal judges, and iconic leaders including Hillary Clinton. When she realized that changing the world is a lot easier when you have some cash in your bank account, she decided to become wealthy and teach other women how to do the same.

   “To build a sustainable asset out of your business, your job is to build yourself out of the job”                                                                     – Rachel Rodgers

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • What prompted a major shift and re-evaluation inside the Hello Seven business.
  • The highs and lows of running a $20K mastermind.
  • The truth about successful women and how society sees them.
  • What is the Hello Seven growth scale, and why is Claire obsessed?
  • How and what to focus on to build a valuable and sustainable business.
  • The BIG revenue jump from 2019 to 2020.
  • The importance of building a team and hiring before desperation sets in.

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