Greatest Hits: Brooke Castillo – the Conversation that Changed My Business (GPP102)

Brooke Castillo is the co-founder and CEO of The Life Coach School, an online certification program for life coaches that helps clients and professional life coaches improve their lives, businesses, and careers. She is a Master Certified Life and Weight Coach with over 13 years of experience. She is the author of several self-help books including Self Coaching 101, Why Can’t I Lose Weight, and It Was Always Meant to Happen That Way as well as the host of The Life Coach School Podcast.

Brooke joins me to share how she achieved $17-million in revenue with only two product offerings. She explains the importance of understanding the value of your products or services, why your mindset is crucial for improving your bottom line, and why entrepreneurs need to stop thinking in terms of time vs. money. She also shares the nitty-gritty details of her profits and expenses last year, how much she pays herself and her team, and what she did to grow her membership program to consist of thousands of members without offering discounts or scholarships.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”“If you think about yourself as the best in the world, then you would never describe yourself as expensive – and certainly never discount it.” – Brooke Castillo ” quote=”“If you think about yourself as the best in the world, then you would never describe yourself as expensive – and certainly never discount it.” – Brooke Castillo “]

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • The two primary ways Brooke gets paid.
  • Details of the membership program that brings in $600,000 in revenue every month.
  • How Brooke overcame the ‘time vs. money’ mindset.
  • Why she decided to offer ongoing enrollment for the Self Coaching Scholars program instead of limiting it to 6 or 12 months.
  • How Brooke keeps people from canceling their membership (and increases their customer lifetime value).
  • The difference between a ‘low-cost leader’ and a world-class leader.
  • How Brooke gets people to sign up for her programs without offering discounts or scholarships.
  • Brooke’s average yearly expenses, how much she pays her employees, and how much she pays herself.
  • How Brooke keeps her employees productive and focused on their strengths instead of getting caught up in the day-to-day tedium.
  • The stumbling blocks Brooke ran into as her revenue skyrocketed and how she moved past them (despite a ton of personal resistance).
  • How starting The Life Coach School Podcast impacted the business, its simple recording process, and how Brooke comes up with content ideas week after week.

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