Melanie Miller on the Get Paid Podcast

Melanie Miller: Evergreen Launches on Autopilot (GPP010)

Melanie Miller on the Get Paid PodcastFailed launches. Products nobody wanted. A membership site with costly backend problems.

Business coach Melanie Miller was so broke she couldn’t pay for a course that could save her from mistakes, so instead she taught herself with a whole lotta trial and error. Now she makes money in her sleep with the coveted evergreen launch model and two online courses.

In this episode you’ll hear:

— How Melanie lost 70% of her business coaching client base in 6 weeks.

— How she learned to create a successful online course without investing in any programs or trainings (because she literally couldn’t afford them).

— What didn’t work when her current offering was a $47-monthly membership program.

— Why you can’t join either of Melanie’s courses today.

— Details on the evergreen launch set-up that drives conversions like crazy.

— How Melanie got over her icky feelings about creating false scarcity in her marketing.

— How “audience fatigue” has caused a drop in her profits, and what she’s planning to do about it.

— Melanie’s productivity hack that I’m trying to implement for myself right now.

— The surprising effect that creating marketing videos had on Melanie’s business.

— The potential cost of not being yourself early on in your business.

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