Facebook Lead Ads

Skip the Opt-In Page: How to Set Up Facebook’s Lead Ads

I have some really good news:

Your days of creating opt-in pages for your Facebook ads are OVER!

No more struggling, tweaking, working your tired fingers off to increase your conversion rate. And you have Facebook’s new Lead Ads to thank.

Facebook Lead Ads(You may need an opt-in page if you want to drive traffic from other sources like email, social media or blog posts. Sorry – some day maybe those will become obsolete, too! #wishfulthinking)

Here’s the deal with Lead Ads:

Lead Ads on Facebook Basically Facebook has taken the opt-in page out of the equation by letting people sign up for your stuff right there inside Facebook. Your ad can look exactly the same as before, like this ad of mine on the left.

But now when you click anywhere on the image or the text below it, a little lightbox pops up prompting you to enter your info.

And here’s the kicker: it actually pre-populates the lightbox with info that Facebook already has, like your name and email!

That means it’s less work for me to sign up to receive your free content, therefore conversion rates should increase compared to your opt-in page.

I haven’t run these ads myself, but I plan to start very, very soon. Stay tuned for details on what happened with those campaigns!

For now, learn how to set up Lead Ads yourself and give them a test drive! Here’s a tutorial complete with:

  • details on creating the new “form” that’s required for these ads
  • the one page that your website DOES need to have to run Lead Ads that you may need to create ASAP, and
  • the manual steps that you’ll need to take on a daily basis if you’re running these kinds of campaigns.

Questions? Hit me with ’em in the comments below!