Facebook Ads Detailed Targeting

Improve Your Facebook Ad Audiences with Detailed Targeting

I’m not kidding when I say that I’ve been waiting for this Detailed Targeting feature since I first started running Facebook ads!

Now you don’t need to pay for a third-party tool in order to make your audience insanely laser-focused since Facebook just incorporated it into your regular ol’ targeting options.

Facebook Ads Detailed TargetingEssentially now you can choose to target people who are interested in life coaching AND online marketing. Or INC Magazine AND Christianity. Or Facebook ads AND tourism in Dubai.

This allows you to show your ads to more of the right people instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping that they magically reach your ideal customers.

For example:

Recently I worked with a woman who wanted to promote her offerings to people with yoga businesses.

Up until now, our options were to target people who were interested in yoga who were also Facebook page admins. But there are lots of people who may fit that description who aren’t owners of yoga businesses.

And there are plenty of interests related to yoga in Facebook’s system (Yoga Journal and Bikram Yoga, for example), but again, there was no way to identify the subgroup of people who were interested in those things because they ran yoga businesses (and not just because they liked doing yoga).

With the Detailed Targeting feature, now we can choose “Yoga Journal” as one interest, and something related to business, e.g. “Chris Brogan” or “Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn,” as another interest, and narrow down our audience that way. The overlap of those two interests gives you a much better shot at reaching a more targeted audience with your ads.

Check out another example and how to set it up in this quick video:

Let me just say this: THANK YOU, FACEBOOK. We’ve needed this Detailed Targeting feature for a long, long time now.

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