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You’ll Never Say “Sign Up” Again: Extreme Makeover, Call-to-Action Edition

Instead of another post with a long detailed how-to tutorial, today I’m giving you homework:

Give the call-to-action on your landing page an extreme makeover.

All you’re going to do is take the words or phrases you use to tell people to “sign up” and tweak them to make them a whole lot better.

I don’t want to see these words on your page, at least not by themselves:

  • sign up
  • subscribe
  • join
  • download

These are boring. And overused. And you’re better than that.

So what should your call-to-action say instead?

That’s up to you. You could spruce it up by emphasizing (once again) the benefits I’m going to get if I sign up for your free report or guide. You could say:

Click here to get your free tutorial and start designing your own ebook today:


Stop spending hours prepping food! Enter your email to grab my free guide to 5 meals in 5 minutes:

Or if your goal is to get people to sign up for an online event, try:

Click here to reserve your seat:


Enter your email to grab your spot for the End of the Boost Post Button webinar:

One client of mine used the CTA “RSVP here” for her button copy – it definitely gave her live webinar a different, not so business-y tone, which was perfect for her audience.

Get Creative With Your Buttons

Adding personality to your button copy can add a welcoming feel to your website. I love these buttons on marketing consultant Jules Taggart’s site:

Jules Taggert CTA Buttons

Click here to see them in all their whimsical glory.

Back to your homework.

You’re going to pick a call-to-action on your site and make some improvements. I’d love it if you improved the CTA on your landing page, but I’ll take what I can get!

If you’ve got the word “subscribe” anywhere on your header, footer or sidebar, I want you to get rid of it. STAT.

Then let me know what your new call-to-action is in the comments below. We all need inspiration for more fantastic CTAs, so please share what you came up with!