How to Create Scroll-Stopping Facebook Ads

Today we have a great guest post from Becky Duncan. She lets us in on how to REALLY connect with your audience using their own words, no surveys allowed.

Welcome to the blog, Becky!

If there’s one thing your ideal clients are
definitely doing on Facebook, it’s multitasking. They’re:

  • Burning Cooking dinner
  • Procrastinating on a report
  • Refereeing an argument between kids
  • Teased by clickbait

And your Facebook ad is vying for their attention. Before you resort to flashing lights and giant arrows, consider creating scroll-stopping Facebook ads with this two step approach:

Combine your ideal clients’ exact words with your real benefits.Click To Tweet
Leverage the Power of Exact Words

If you’ve ever heard a stranger cite your guilty pleasure show or mention your secret pet peeve and you felt pulled to talk to them, you know the power of exact words.

Using your ideal clients’ exact words:

  • Establishes a connection
  • Builds trust
  • Lets your dream clients know you’re the expert that genuinely understands where they’re coming from

Exact words act like a shorthand that calls, “Stop here! Someone is speaking your language!” In a room where everyone is shouting for attention, exact words get your message across.

Digging up those exact words from your dream clients isn’t as hard as you might think. The secret?


But not with a survey, not in an email. You need to talk with your ideal clients and record their exact language. Here’s why;

Think of a time you filled out a survey online. First, they had to get you to agree to fill it out. Then, you probably answered the questions but left out the stories and the little “extras” we throw in when we’re speaking freely. Lastly, we need to use your ideal clients’ exact language they use when they’re relaxed – not the more formal words they might use when typing out their thoughts.

To gather those exact words:

  1. Set up a call (preferably a video call) with your ideal clients
  2. Ask them all about their lives before, during, and after working together
  3. Thank them for their time and then start injecting those words into your copy

If you’d like a free, step-by-step guide on this process, you can download Business Love at First Sight here.

It doesn’t always have to be a formal interview. Listen carefully when working with your clients; when they’re delving into their pain points or dreaming aloud of a new life, the words they use are the exact words you need to locate, communicate with, and help future clients.

The Real Benefits

Once you have their exact words, it’s time to use them to talk about the outcome of working together. And not just the results, the real benefits.

Let’s say you’re a dermatologist. A new client comes in with acne, you wave your magic wand and suddenly, poof! Clear skin.

The benefit of working with you? It’s NOT her clear skin.

It’s what she can do with that clear skin:

  • Finally take selfies without hitting “Delete”
  • “Accidentally” brush that cutie’s hand (instead of covering up her chin)
  • Leave the house with a pile of confidence and not a drop of makeup
Benefits + Exact Words = Scroll-Stopping Facebook Ads

You know what your ideal clients want. It’s understanding how to echo it back in their exact words that will set you – and your Facebook ads – apart.

For example, if you’re an accountant, you probably help your clients:

  • Get out of debt
  • File their taxes
  • Save for retirement

Which is great! But it’s not what your clients really want. They want what those results do for them – and you want to say it in their exact words.

  • Your client doesn’t want to get out of debt, she wants to, “go from ramen to caviar”
  • Your dream client doesn’t want to file his taxes, he wants to, “kick back and relax on April 15th”
  • Your clients aren’t interested in saving for retirement, they want to have the time and money to “explore the world on a private sailboat”

Understanding the real benefits of your work – and being able to express it in your ideal clients’ exact words – is the key to creating scroll-stopping Facebook ads.

When you sit down to create your Facebook ads, use this formula to create click-worthy ads that get noticed.

  1. Start with a benefits-driven, grab-their-attention opening

The job of your opener is to get people to read the rest of your ad. It needs to be strong enough to stand out against everything else that’s competing for their attention.

People want more money, power, and pleasure in their lives and less work, pain, and boredom. If you can create an opening that gives them more of what they want and less of what they don’t – in their exact words -you have a powerful hook.

Let’s look back at our accountant. Kicking back and relaxing on April 15th sounds great! It’s less work and we can add a layer of power to it by saying, “Be smart enough to kick back and relax on April 15th”.

Now it’s time for step two:

  1. Using your ideal clients’ exact words, add in benefits-focused points that create curiosity or urgency so your readers will be drawn to click your ad

Look back over your ideal clients’ interviews to get familiar with their exact language. Use words and phrases you hear over and over to create your ad. For example, let’s say you’ve compiled these words:

Easy, simple, bargain, magic, powerful, miracle, solution

You could create the following points:

  • An easy, step-by-step solution: 10 minutes a month and 0 sweating on Tax Day
  • The simple, bargain way to handle your finances
  • So easy and powerful you’ll swear your refund is magic

Add in a Call to Action and your ad could look like this:

Being able to express the real benefits of working with you in your ideal clients’ exact words is essential to demonstrating your expertise and setting yourself (and your Facebook ads!) apart.

Try it now: In the comments below, post a result you help your clients achieve and rewrite it focusing on the real benefits and your ideal clients’ exact words.

About The Author:

I’m Becky Duncan, your Business MacGyver. I help online entrepreneurs use science to make their dream clients fall in business love at first sight.

I’ve worked behind the scenes at million-dollar business and I’ve combined everything I learned with my super power of simplification to bring you crystal clear, step-by-step templates and outlines so you can launch without losing your mind.

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