How Beginner’s Luck Nearly Sunk My Services-Based Business

I got my very first client through a glorious stroke of luck. A post in a Facebook group lead me to send an email that landed in the right inbox at the right time, combined with a perfect storm of circumstances that had shown my future client the value of investing in Facebook ads. While still working full-time for someone else, my side business of running other people’s campaigns was officially up and running.

(If you want to punch me in the face because of how easy I had it, I don’t blame you. But stick with me – this story ain’t all roses and puppy dogs.)

Then I wrote one guest post and put a couple of videos up on YouTube, and people started contacting me out of nowhere to inquire about my services. My entrepreneurial friends couldn’t believe how easy I had it – getting your first few clients is supposed to be like pulling teeth! And these clients weren’t paying discounted prices either.

Basically I thought I was a rockstar.

So when I suddenly found myself unemployed in May 2014, I didn’t think about looking for a new job for more than 5 minutes. I already had one client, and I was sure the others would come knocking in no time.

But they didn’t. My last steady paycheck was already in the bank and I had no inquiries whatsoever about my services. None. For weeks and weeks.

I won’t even go into the details of the paralyzing fear I felt (and still fear on occasion). Let’s just say that WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??? was on repeat in my mind while I ate, slept and worked on my business.

Enter Becca Tracey and Hey, Nice Package!

I actually discovered Becca about 24 hours after becoming a full-time solopreneur. Less than 24 hours later, I was already a customer.

Here’s the thing: even though I was pretty confident about my consulting services, there was something about my lucky streak over the previous months that really wasn’t working. It was the call with the client, when they asked me how much my services would cost. I almost never knew what to say – it always depended on my “read” of the client, what specifically I would be promoting with ads, whether I’d need to outsource images, how much extra I wanted to put towards my student loans that months, etc. I don’t think two clients ever paid the same thing.

So when I stumbled upon Becca talking to some business owners I really respect about their packages, I knew immediately that this was the solution to my stupid pricing problems.

So I pre-ordered her Hey, Nice Package! product and I went ahead and put together some basic packages and got them live on my site. Something’s better than nothing, right? Hey, Nice Package - Solution for Coaches and Consultants

Now that I’ve actually gone through the Hey, Nice Package! program, all I can see are the flaws. There are a few key things I needed to do before creating my packages, and I credit those oversights with why the phone hasn’t been ringing off the hook.

Until yesterday [<–late June 2014], when I (finally!) landed another client.

She had been sent to my website by a mutual acquaintance and had seen my services page. “That works for me” are the exact words she used in her email about us getting started together. There was definitely some dancing on my end. :)

I might have skipped a few steps in order to land that client, but I know I’ll have to wait a while for another one if I don’t implement more of what I learned in Hey, Nice Package! And here’s the GREAT news:

  • From now on, I won’t create another product or service without going through each step of the program, start to finish. (You shouldn’t either!)

  • I now know exactly what services to offer, and even what kind of product I’m going to create (and when and how to do it).

  • I’ll never stumble on a sales call again when it comes to what I offer and how much I charge.

  • The design is straight-up unbelieveable. Yes, I learn something new every time I even open the program, but Hey, Nice Package! is also a lesson in what a digital product should look like. Worth the investment right there.

Got a Nice Package?

Becca just officially launched Hey, Nice Package! and is giving you 20% off through Thursday, June 26 if you use the code HOTPACKAGE. I’m a super-proud affiliate which means that I get compensated if you purchase her product via this link – just wanted to make sure that was clear. :)

In my personal opinion, Hey, Nice Package! is ideal for:

  • anyone who’s currently working with clients on a hourly basis

  • coaches and consultants bringing in less revenue than they’re comfortable with

  • small businesses owners who aren’t 100% clear on who they should be serving (this was absolutely me one month ago and that’s why Hey, Nice Package! was an official game changer)

  • any beginner business owner. This may sound vague but Hey, Nice Package! really covers SO MUCH that it makes it the perfect handbook for getting clear on what products or services to sell when you’re first starting out

So hop over to Becca’s world and grab your 20% discount before it disappears Thursday at midnight East Coast time! (Don’t forget to use the code HOTPACKAGE at checkout.) start crafting packages your clients will go crazy for.

This is absolutely worth the investment in your business. I honestly don’t know where I would be without it. Probably still waiting for the proverbial phone to ring.