Wahida Lakhani: Ditching 7 Bosses + Counting Other People’s $$$ (GPP86)

Wahida Lakhani is the founder and Lead Strategist of Brands Are Stories. Wahida cut her teeth in the tech startup and agency space where she worked with Fortune 500 companies and household name brands to sort through their social analytics and unearth profitable insights. She then founded Digital In The City, where she managed over $1 million in ad spend for clients in some of the most competitive verticals.

This week on the Get Paid Podcast Wahida joins us to chat about how she combines her two loves: the power of copywriting and the ability to turn those words into cash.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast

  • Why she switched from FB ads to copywriting [3:27]
  • Mourning the loss of the old you [7:10]
  • Hitting $100k in her first year [16:08]
  • “Claire, I feel like I have 7 bosses” [20:48]
  • Wahida’s ‘Get out of bed’ fee [30:12]
  • Partnering with CopyHackers [33:53]
  • Ongoing payments versus lump-sum payouts for guest experts [37:42]
  • The Story Stacking method [44:49]
  • Levels of customer awareness [46:24]
  • Programs for entrepreneurs who want to work abroad [56:00]
  • The secret weapon behind Wahida’s winning pitches [1:08:03]

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