Lauren Caselli: Big Event Planning + Diversity Riders (GPP84)

Lauren Caselli owns a strategic event planning and marketing firm that provides digital entrepreneurs, mid-sized tech companies, and venture capital firms with streamlined, done-for-you solutions for their most important gatherings, product launches, and in-person, client-facing experiences. Lauren also is the founder of the 8-time sold out Boss Lady Bash, a community event for female small business owners, that incidentally didn’t make her any money off of ticket sales, but got her tons of new clients, which just goes to show you that even experts struggle with profitable events sometimes.

On this week’s episode of the Get Paid Podcast, Lauren joins us to talk about racial and gender diversity on speaker panels, why she finds it easier to sell a $25,000 service than a $197 course, and why chaos is important to her.

“When you hire a contractor, you’re hiring them for their expertise. When you hire an employee, you’re the expert, and you’re training them.” — Lauren CaselliClick To Tweet

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast

  • The rant that got Lauren on the podcast [2:36]
  • Why Lauren moved to Bozeman, Montana [5:04]
  • Racial diversity on speaker lists [07:41]
  • Diversity clauses and Mariah Carey’s green M&Ms [10:12]
  • Travel hacking as a consultant [16:51]
  • How much a full-service event planner will cost you [20:58]
  • Why it’s easier for Lauren to sell a $25,000 service than a $197 course [22:48]
  • Why thank-you gifts aren’t always the best idea [29:44]
  • Why Lauren’s passionate about hiring people as full-time employees [40:44]
  • Let’s talk about therapy [50:09]
  • Saving money as an entrepreneur [56:35]
  • Choosing between services and courses [1:05:13]
  • Babysitting people’s wallets [1:09:34]
  • The very first step to running ads to your course [1:20:22]

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