Tasha Cochran: The 6-Figure Side Gig + Internet Trolls (GPP70)

Tasha is the wealth expert and business strategist behind One Big Happy Life, where she helps people grow their income and learn to spend intentionally so they can live their dream life today while also building wealth along the way.

What started off as a couple of YouTube videos about curly hair, has grown into a social following of over 170,000, and amassed over 10 million views on her YouTube show, all while working full time as a banking and finance attorney.

On today’s episode of the Get Paid Podcast, join Tasha as we chat about the 2017 YouTube Ad Apocalypse, why entrepreneurs overspend, and how she’s helping families build intergenerational wealth.  

'That's a big thing about being an online entrepreneur. You have to be comfortable with just testing it out, shipping it, seeing what happens and using that data to tweak it and make it better. ” — Tasha CochranClick To Tweet

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast

  • The 6-Figure Side Gig [10:52]
  • Should you start a membership platform? [13:10]
  • But what about the churn!? [16:04]
  • Building intergenerational wealth [18:21]
  • How a $100 check planted the seed for an empire [20:38]
  • The 2017 YouTube Ad Apocalypse [22:39]
  • Why entrepreneurs overspend [32:12]
  • How to prioritize work when time’s scarce [42:08]
  • What a personal finance blogger’s cash flow looks like [59:22]
  • Being a nasty woman [1:03:00]
  • Tackling trolls [1:10:16]

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