Tarzan Kay: TFW You Land Clients Like Amy Porterfield (GPP65)

Tarzan Kay, a.k.a. The Empress of Email is a copywriter and launch strategist. She started her online journey through blogging and social media and has worked with some of the most well-known leaders in the industry like Amy Porterfield, Joanna Wiebe, and Ry Schwartz. Currently residing in Niagara with her partner and two children, Tarzan helps service providers and freelancers learn how to package and price their online products, close high-ticket offers, and attract their ideal clients through her signature program: Celebrity Marketing.

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This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • The three packages Tarzan uses to get paid 10-100 times more than the average copywriter.
  • Her strategy for launching affiliate programs and the hard lessons she’s learned through affiliate launches.
  • How Tarzan landed Amy Porterfield as a client within her first few years of business.
  • Her day-rate package and details of the Day Rate Superstar course.
  • Specific strategies for landing clients through online groups and industry conferences.
  • The impact that her online reputation and public perception have had on her bottom line.
  • How Tarzan went from earning $60k to nearly $400k in three years and how much she pays herself.
  • The system she uses to manage her finances and create safety nets.
  • The three key factors Tarzan believes causes launches to fail and how she (eventually) turned her first launch failure into a success.

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